Diamond Settlement Services

72 S. Main Street

Yardley, PA 19067

Phone: 215.579.7835

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Diamond Settlement Services is a fully insured Licensed Title Agency supporting your Residential and Commercial needs operating in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. The team at Diamond Settlement Services is committed to providing superior service to you and your clients throughout the real estate closing process. We deliver to you and your clients the peace of mind required when making these important Financial Transactions.

Diamond Settlement Services, was originally established in 1995 in New Hope. PA by Roseann C. Diamond, who continues to own and run the business. Diamond Settlement Services is now located at 76 South Main Street, 2nd floor, Yardley Pa. 19067. Diamond Settlement Services is proud of its record of maintaining a flawless record of compliance with state and federal regulation and never having a claim against a policy we issued since its inception.

Sample of Services Offered:

  • Commercial and Residential services include:
    • Closing and preparations for Buy / Sell and Re-financing of property including insuring a clear title is passed between Seller and Buyer
    • Processing Deed transfers due to death, divorce and other reasons
    • Notary services
    • Recordation of documents
    • DEED preparation

What does a Title Company Do:

Our industry ensures that people have clear ownership rights to their property – rights that help them to realize the American dream, create wealth, and drive the nation’s economy.

An independent owned title company is a neutral party in all transactions, it also maintains escrow accounts that contains funds needed to close on the property. It ensures all money is used only for the settlement and closing cost, and may conduct a formal closing on the property.

They act a truly independent party for all parties, (buyer, seller, real-estate agents, Etc.) without having ties to any other entity that has other interests.

How to pick a Title Company:

As the purchaser / owner of a property you have FULL CONTROL over what title company you use. You are NOT REQUIRED to use any company associated with the deal. As a neutral company to all parties we feel it is best to NOT have the Title Company associated with a Loan or Real-Estate firm. This insures that yours and ALL parities best interests are looked after.

  • Look for a title company that has years of experience.
  • Look for one that is neutral to all parties.
  • Review their claims history.
  • Do a web search for reviews and feedback.
  • Insure you know what they are doing for YOU!
  • Insure they have experience in your sale type.

Customer Service is our number one founding principle at Diamond Settlement Services:

Our business is to provide you with a pleasant and efficient and timely closing experience. Beyond timeliness, convenience and accuracy, we believe that warmth and courtesy are essential to our service.

Our seasoned staff clears the way for a smooth settlement regardless of the location and sets your mind at ease. Licensed settlement professionals are available for in and out of office closings at a location and time convenient to you.

A little about our CEO:

Roseann C. Diamond, CEO has been in the financial and title insurance industry for over 40 years. Roseann, attended Temple University and has served as Vice President of Training at PNC Mortgage Corporation.

As CEO Roseann is known for her social commitment and has contributed her time and knowledge to such originations as: Newman Club, Central Bucks Chamber of Commerce, Professional Women’s Business Network, Pennsylvanian Land and Title Institute and Newtown Business Association.

Roseann is also a published author of the book called: Holding My Hands and Saving My Life, the story of the author’s personal journey from despair to fulfillment. This is a story of hope, renewal, and the ability to live life again after debilitating adversity.